Monday, 6 August 2012

Still life

This was an interesting exercise I never write this literally which is what made this such a challenge. The first of the Exercises is to describe something right in front of you with facts of its description and as little creative embellishment as possible. you are only allowed to say what it looks like you're not allowed to use any more senses like touch, smell or feel (no fun). Ever the rebel I had to find a way around it or its just no fun so I wrote about an object that isn’t actually there but I imagined and got my inspiration from a toy.


Metal gun ridged slide, textured grip. Worn end and trigger black ejection port and sights standing out against the cold brushed steel. Black magazine sitting beside it golden bullets reflecting sunlight, glinting.  

This still wasn’t a lot of fun to write about and I think I got more creativity in there then I was supposed to. If I do label myself however then I would say I’m definitely a fiction writer so I’m cheered by that and I allowed myself some artistic space.


Creases running across the sheets forming shapes, rippling from islands of paper. Books glossy and new others creased, like the covers, bent, worn on the edges, pages folded from interest. Colours colliding, red book against the blue chequers black watch, red hands, white papers, honey bleach bed, dark knots punctuating the wood. The abrupt moving hands of the watch the only moving thing against the back drop of still isolation.

The bed was much more fun I chose to go fairly abstract with plenty of over the top literary description. What I was supposed to achieve was again a description but I could go as bizarre and random with phrases as I wanted and unlike the first exercise I could do more than a single object so I did. 

All of the coursework I’ve done is first draft and is therefore until said otherwise pretty rubbish but this is part of my course and is viewed more as a learning experience than anything even remotely saleable. A creative writing way of saying don’t judge me.  

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